About Us


Our love for Cork goes far beyond just a business. We are a family owned company aspiring to bring the newest and most functional Portuguese Cork products to the country we call home; Australia. The affordable and increasingly popular material is absolutely making a positive impact on architecture and design in the 21st century. Our vast and ever growing range accommodates for all the possibilities that cork has offer. 

Do you want to know our favourite thing about cork? 

The Cork Tree NEVER dies! We simply harvest the bark, which supports the trees growth, in turn producing more oxygen! Crazy, right? This is one of the many reasons why we love cork, not to mention our Zero Waste production line. 

We truly love and believe in the products we provide! 

From the old cork floor in your Grandmother’s house all the way to your modern commercial developments around Australia. No job is too big or small.

Working closely with many architects and our expert team, we strongly believe we are creating a cleaner, more sustainable and much 'trendier' future.