Silent Cork Underlay

Acoustic Silent Cork Underlay is made out of natural cork – an excellent raw material suitable to be installed under almost any floor covering with significant improvement at thermic and acoustic levels.

When compared to synthetic materials, cork becomes the right choice when looking for a solution that guarantees a viable performance but also the welfare of future generations. Silent Cork Underlay provides more comfort, protection and longevity to the final floor.

Agglomerated Composition Cork produced with pure 100% Natural granulated cork and a polyurethane binder.

 - 100% Natural Agglomerated Cork

- Sheet format for easy install

- Long Term Resilience

- Very Flexible

- Increases Thermal Insulation

- Impact Sound Reduction

- Great Durability

- Noise Reduction - Up to 20dB

- Thermal Conductivity - 0.038 W/mºK

- Thermal Resistance - 0,053 M2 ºK/W

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