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Cork Facade & Cork Cladding

3D Cork Wall Tiles represent the luxurious combination of nature and design. 
Whenever you're looking for something bold, exclusive and 100% natural, this collection will fulfill your requirements. They will add a timeless, minimalism and sophisticated touch to every design. 
This collection offers you an endless amount of creative possibilities being able to install in the same direction and create symmetrical patterns or arrange in a completely different way, whick allows designers and architect's inspiration to flow freely. 



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Marine Deck Cork

Marine Deck Cork is a high-performance cork composite for marine decking, specially engineered technical product developed by our partners in Portugal.
The deck on a boat is subject to harsh environments and namely intense contact with seawater. Marine Deck Cork was designed to withstand these conditions although continue to offer the warmth, softness and insulation properties that only Cork offers, in a true ecofriendly and durable fashion.






Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork Yoga Bricks are made with 100% cork. There are no toxic materials used in the production of our cork yoga blocks. This is the future.